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Follow the links below to download the reports on Biointensive agricultural experiments conducted by Ecodom, Inc. in 1996 (funded by an ISAR grant), the NGO VIOLA from 2002-2009 (funded by Biointensive for Russia and David Buckley), and the Domashovo School (funded by the school, located in the Bryansk Oblast'):

SIBERIAN EXPERIMENT REPORT on broad-based experiment comparing GROW BIOINTENSIVE with traditional gardening approach, conducted by Ecodom, Inc. under the direction of Larissa Avrorina [Word-240K]

2002 - 2004
RESEARCH REPORT by the NGO VIOLA, Bryansk, Russia, on experiments conducted on the use of the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method in growing grain and vegetable crops in six areas contaminated by radiation in the western part of the Bryansk oblast' [Word-64K]

ORGANIC FARMING IN RUSSIA by Dr. Igor Prokofyev and Dr. Ludmila Zhirina of the NGO VIOLA [Word-34K]

EXPEDITION REPORTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS from the NGO VIOLA on its October-November 2005 Research Expedition to Settlements in Russia and Ukraine with post-Chernobyl High Radiation Background Levels, by Dr. Igor Prokofyev [Word-204K]

GROW BIOINTENSIVE: OUR EXPERIENCE and the Method's Potential in the Chernobyl Radiation Zone, as told to Larissa Keet and Carol Vesecky by Ludmila Zhirina and Igor Prokofyev of the NGO VIOLA during a visit to Palo Alto, CA , July 26, 2006 [Word-37K]

NOVOZYBKOV AND MGLIN FAMILY REPORTS by Dr. Ludmila Zhirina, from the Chernobyl Radiation Zone [Word-44K]

REPORT ON POTATO EXPERIMENTS Comparing GROW BIOINTENSIVE and Five Other Potato-Growing Methods, experiment performed by the NGO VIOLA [Word-44K]

EARTHWORM EXPERIMENT REPORT on the influence of earthworms on the assimilation of Cs137 radionuclides from soil into plants, by the NGO VIOLA [Word-164K]
COMPOST EXPERIMENT conducted by the NGO VIOLA from May-October [Word-36K]

DOMASHOVO SCHOOL EXPERIMENT by Natalya Kuryagina and Dr. Igor Prokofyev [Word-32K]

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