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Biointensive for Russia is a people-to-people ecological gardening project, fiscally sponsored by Ecology Action . We promote GROW BIOINTENSIVE sustainable mini-farming (GB) through Russian-language publications and seminars hosted by environmental groups and agricultural colleges in Russian-speaking Eurasia. We also support experiments conducted by our partner organization the Grassroots Alliance PERESVET (Bryansk, Russia), in and near the Chernobyl radiation zone.

Activities in Eurasia in 2011

Sponsored by the UK-based Eco-Schools organization, Dr. Igor Prokofyev and his colleagues Oleg Zavarzin and Natalya Karyagina of PERESVET co-presented one-day seminars to biology teachers in June and September, 2011 in St. Petersburg, Russia. This program is spreading worldwide including to the US; see Eco-Schools USA.

In September, they were joined by BfR Director Carol Vesecky, who traveled there from her home base in California to introduce the workshop. She presented each teacher with a copy of the Russian translations of How To Grow More Vegetables… and a newly printed 30-page excerpt from the Basic-Level Biointensive Teaching Manual, as well as a certificate.

During her visit to St. Petersburg, Carol got acquainted with Natasha Demenkova, who had performed layout and editing work on two publications: the above-mentioned Basic-Level Manual excerpt, and a Biointensive Self-Teaching Handbook. The Handbook can now be accessed in English and Russian. Incidentally, it's a convenient way to get acquainted with the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method!

Carol reports on her Russia trip, the Eco-Schools workshops, PERESVET's GB experiments in the Chernobyl radiation zone, and their Harvest Festival in the 2011 Garden Companion (BfR's newsletter).

Activities planned for 2012

Pending anticipated funding, we're planning for two major workshops, expanded experiments in the Bryansk oblast', and continued editing and publishing of translations into Russian on Biointensive. Once the funding is secured, we'll provide more details, most promptly via BfR's email list. You can join the list by writing to Carol.

Recent Stories:

Our publication work

We published excerpts of the GROW BIOINTENSIVE Basic-Level Training Manual in Russian in time for the September, 2011 workshop in St. Petersburg. Also, a translation of Ecology Action's online self-teaching manual has been posted alongside the English PDF version on Ecology Action's site.

A second printing of the Russian translation of The Sustainable Vegetable Garden by Jeavons and Cox is next. We are also starting work on preparing translations of the new, 8th edition of How To Grow More Vegetables… by John Jeavons, and Future Fertility by John Beeby.

These should be partially supported, as will this year's workshops and experiments, by our new funding. But financial support from members is always put to good use! Please click join us and get in touch if you'd like to help; in return, we'll keep you up-to-date with annual paper newsletters. And if you haven't already done so, do sign up for our free email reports!

cities in Russia and Uzbekistan where we have held GROW BIOINTENSIVE workshops
The map shows all the cities in Russia and Uzbekistan where we have held, or hope to hold, GROW BIOINTENSIVE workshops, or have competent teachers in our network.

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