Biointensive for Russia's 2005 Culture Eco-Ag Tour
Arrival in Moscow, the Kremlin and Red Square

DaveRomieJillSheremet Group_at_St_Basils MininPozharsky KremlinCupolas TsarCannon
David Buckley, Romie Georgia, and Jill Slocum on arrival at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport Romie, Carol, Dave, Shoshana (Billik, our tour co-leader) and Jill with Moscow coordinator Tatyana Perova in front of St. Basil's church in Red Square Monument to Minin and Pozharsky who rallied the Russians to drive out the Polish invaders, leading to establishment of the Romanov dynasty in 1613 Golden domes ("cupolas") on one of the five Kremlin cathedrals Like the nearby "Tsar Bell" that was never rung, the "Tsar Cannon" was never shot
More Kremlin, Red Square, the Metro, the Bolshoi Theater
The_Supreme_Soviet The_Supreme_Soviet AllRoadsToCarol SovietFresco_MoscowMetro BeforeTheBolshoi
Russia's two-headed eagle flag was flying over the Supreme Soviet, so we knew that Putin was in residence during our visit A live falcon with Dave near a gate to Red Square Carol (yours truly) stands on a circle near the Kremlin, reputed to be the geographic center of Moscow Magnificent wall fresco in the Metro from Soviet times depicts joyful folk celebrating the dawn of socialism Arline (Kapphahn), Shoshana, Carol, Romie, and Dave before a performance of Wagner conducted by Gergiev at the Bolshoi. We also visited the Tretyakov Gallery
Our day visiting Sergiev Posad, Abramtsevo, and Novo-Sin'kovo near Moscow
Assumption_Cathedral St_Sergius_icon AbramtsevoTeremok Abramtsevo_Interior Abramtsevo_Church
We toured the magnificent monastery and seminary complex at Sergiev Posad and entered several of its churches, in one of which a choir was singing Exterior wall-mounted icon dedicated to St. Sergius of Radonezh, founder of the monastery The Teremok was built by artists at Abramtsevo, Mamontov's country estate-turned- artists' colony, in the late 19th century to resemble the architecture of ancient Muscovy The late 19th-century artists revived all aspects of Russian folk decorative arts The magical "church not built by human hands" was designed by Vasnetsov and contains work by Repin and others from the "Wanderer" group of Russian painters
Our evening near the Educational Methods Center (EMC) at Novo-Sin'kovo included a garden tour and a chilly evening picnic in a tent
FlowerOperation ViktorGardenGroup EvgenysMinifarm ShmelevShowsGrain Picnic_in_tent
One of the EMC's retired teachers has become a landscaping plants entrepreneur, supplying the total market Retired ag professor Viktor Kirsanov and EMC Deputy Director Viktor Voronkov offer gardening lore to Shoshana, Romie & Mark (Georgia), and Dave Foreign Methods Lab Director Evgeny Shmelev is running Biointensive experiments in the strip nearest us in the field back of his new brick home Evgeny has promised us a report sometime this year on his experiments June 2 was a bit cool for the picnic we requested, but with a tent and shawls, we were comfortable and enjoyed getting acquainted with our EMC hosts

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